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Working Studios


Recording Studio

Fiwi Studio is a Record label, Recording Studio and a Distribution Company which has some of the best Audio Engineers and Producers that work hand in hand with singers, artists and musician.                                                                                                        

You do not have to signed to our label for us to work with you, an individual or with your band.

$140 /hour


Mastering Room

Our audio engineering team creatively use technologies to produce sound mainly for Reggae music, Soul Music, Jazz and may also work with some other genre of music.

They will leave no stone unturned, until the project requirements are met.

They are always at their best to produce the best results at all times.

$145 /hour


Editing Studio

We produce performances, recordings, edit sounds, and also adjust sound tracks using sound reinforcements, equalization, mixing, and abs audio effects.                                                                                            The Audio Engineering aspect of our company deals with the technical aspects of recordings i.e. where to place microphones, level setting and pre-amp knobs.                                                         

$135 /hour

Fiwi Studio, is a Maryland USA based record label and recording studio, that place great emphasis on Producing Quality Reggae, both culture and Dancehall Reggae.

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Audio Mixed


Voice Recorded

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Artist Client


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